About us
The FIN Foundation aims for a practical token ecosystem that can be used in real life. Established in February 2019 and published by the Foundation, FIN Tokens are in the process of being commercialized. The actual payment system will be commercialized in Europe and korea, and will be commercialized in Europe first. To this end, in April 2019, we completed a formal MOU with Nord Gas Trading, an affiliate of Gazprom, a Russian state-owned company.
Our Team

Redick Lee


Ericson Jang

About Business

Fuel Injection Network (FIN)

The FIN project was created to meet the needs of licensing-based business founders and operators, who needed a new ecosystem to work efficiently. FIN tokens are not coins with complex technologies, but coins that are made available directly in simple but needed ecosystems.

FIN Foundation

Coins issued by the FIN Foundation are intended for practical use. However, there are many legal issues that are currently being made in the direction planned in the country. It is designed to create a way to enable holders to use practically without breaking the law, while at the same time making them benefit.


FIN TOKEN Pre-Sale [ICO Progress]


Listed on the large korean exchange BitSonic


Nord Gas Trading MOU


Issuance of visa physical cards for overseas use


ICO residual volume + Swap progress token volume incineration


Listed on dcoin on a large overseas exchange


Listed on the domestic exchange


Start using the thread (ED Global closed market)


Introduced airport duty-free payment system through Wipay
TOS Coin
Our FIN Foundation pays TOS as a reward for its use in a way that spreads initial distribution. The value of an existing FIN Token is a way to expand the distribution of TOS without compromising it.

The REWARD TOS Token can, of course, be bought and sold on the exchange.

Business Partner

NGT (Nord Gas Trading)

The FIN Foundation has signed an MOU with Nord Gas Trading, an affiliate of Russian state-owned company Gazprom, to promote FIN TOKENS abroad and to use it normally in real life. Through this agreement, we will build a more comfortable and faster payment system through visa physical card payments, Crypto Matt and Crypto Kiosk.


DEECRYPTO is the first official miner registered in the Russian capital, Moscow, and currently leads the Russian blockchain industry and cryptocurrency market. The ICO is also specialized, and we are also working to find partners to work on blockchain projects, hold various blockchain forums, and develop IT professionals with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation. The FIN Foundation signed an MOU with DEECRYPTO in April to preempt the Russian blockchain market.


The FIN Foundation has entered into an agreement with Bytex Payment, which has a CRYPTO payment system in the UK, to introduce their payment system. Bytex Payment is a promising crypto payment company that is focused not only on the UK, but also in Europe and Russia. Bytex payment has a business agreement with Verifone, ingenico group, IBM and HYPERLEDGER, and will work on projects with Russia’s first financial bank, Raffeisen Bank, Sberbank and Tinkoff Bank. Bytex Payment’s existing payment system will add FIN Tokens to pay for FIN Tokens as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum. The payment will be made in accordance with the FIN Token quote at the time the payment was made.

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